A-DATA Gains the "13th National Awards of Excellence 2005" and "Best Choice of COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2005" Award 2005/06/27

Simon Chen, CEO of A-Data Technology, accepting the "13th National Silver Award of Excellence 2005"

A-DATA Technology Co., Ltd. ("A-DATA"), is Taiwan's largest memory module manufacturer whose Vitesta DDR2 series are awarded big prizes continuously. Firstly, the Vitesta DDR2 series gained the honor of "Best Choice of COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2005", which is the biggest award of the show. A-DATA's Vitesta DDR2 series was the first memory module to win this award of the category of LSI Products, Peripherals, and Accessories. Furthermore, the Vitesta DDR2 533 series won the "13th National Silver Award of Excellence 2005", which was judged and confirmed by a panel of experts.

By cooperating with the well-known DRAM FABs, A-DATA Technology is able to design and produce DDR2 memory modules with the advantages of ultimate speed, higher performance, excellent over-clocking and low power consumption techniques. In product design, A-DATA's memory module can meet consumer's demands and market trends as well as over-clocking gamers' strict needs. In marketing and branding, A-DATA has achieved No. 2 of own-branded market share in the world. In quality certification, A-DATA has passed various certifications of Quality Assurance from ISO 9001, ISO 14001 to new environmental manufacturing procedures.

With excellent product research and design, marketing, branding, product quality, supplier management as well as customer service, A-DATA's Vitesta DDR2 memory module series passed the rigid examination by the criteria of "R&D/Innovation", "Design Innovation", "Quality System", "Market" and "Brand Awareness", winning the "National Awards of Excellence".

A-DATA Technology, is always the pioneer, launching the new generation memory module, the Vitesta DDR2 series, with the ultimate speed - DDR2 533, 667, 800, 1066MHz. Moreover, A-DATA's Vitesta DDR2 series passed IntelÒ and ATiÒ System Validation ahead of the competitors. In addition, DDR2 533 series won the "National Silver Awards of Excellence 2005". It confirms not only A-DATA's memory module's excellent performance, but also its achievement of the No.2 of own-branded market share with high growth in the world.

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