Surface Mount Box (New Type-Smallest) 2012/12/04


The major purpose of Surface Mount Box is connect with jack of working area or module type. The volumeis the smallest one. We can install surface mount box easily or extend cable by the surface mount box. Also we can install each standard keystone jack in the surface mount box to satisfy with the request of chennel transmission in the wiring system.


  • The surface is simple and handy. (Superior quality)
  • The smallest dimension in the market.
  • Disassemble without any tool.
  • Patent of dust-proof shutter is designed with 270 degrees overturn.
  • Dust-proof shutter with double side. (Optional accessories),(Blank, Telephone, Computer, Cat.5e and Cat.6)
  • Customization logo.
  • Module type or keystone jack type.
  • Optional accessories with magnet, twin adhesive or screw.