LevelOne Is Proud to Presents the WBR-6020 N_Max Wireless Router 2009/07/30

The issue of global warming has become an important part of our everyday lives, therefore LevelOne is proud to present the WBR-6020 N_Max Wireless Router to help you reduce your carbon footprint. The WBR-6020 has four Power-saving functions:

  • Wireless On/Off Button
  • Low Power Wireless Mode
  • Active Link Detection
  • Scheduled Sleep.

Network speeds vary according to network equipment, network set-up and environmental influencing factors. For best performance, use LevelOne Wireless Network Adapters.


  • Delivers N_Max Wireless Performance at up to 300Mbps using Draft N 2.0
  • Increased Wireless Range with MIMO Technology
  • Environmentally Friendly with Smart Power-Saving Features
  • Simple Security Control with One-Button WPS Protection
  • Integrated Firewall and Quality of Service to Manage Your Traffic
  • Quick and Easy Installation Wizard