AXIMCom Released the 3.5G/3.75G 11n Mobile Router Series 2009/06/04

3.5G/3.75G 11n Mobile Router Series

Nominated for 2009 Computex Best Choice Award

Building on from the successes of last year, where AXIMCom were awarded the Best Choice Award for 2008 for its P2P Gear 802.11n Dynamic Bandwidth Management Router product, AXIMCom has once again been nominated to be in the running for this year's award. With continuous development, along with the determination to manufacture innovative products, the brand new 3.5G/3.75G 11n Mobile Router Series is a product filled with exciting and unique technologies, and thus, giving AXIMCom a great opportunity to once again take home this year's award.

With mobile internet fast becoming a world-wide phenomenon and a common medium for convenient/fast communication, AXIMCom's Mobile Router Series is an example of innovative technology which is needed and increasingly demanded within the modern world. From travellers, mobile workers, heavy network users, outdoor event organizers, 3.5G/3.75G modem users, or to just normal people who cannot subscribe to fixed broadband, AXIMCom's new product is able to cater to the needs of all, and provide an 802.11n connection for the fastest and farthest wireless connection currently available. Furthermore, once connected, with just the cost of the mobile 3.5G/3.75G Mobile Card service to maintain, AXIMCom's Mobile Router Series offers an efficient and high-speed internet service connection for numerous devices at anytime, and anywhere.

AXIMCom's 3.5G/3.75G Mobile Router Series contains four models: MR-101N, MR-105N, MR-108N, and the highest level MR-216NV. It is important to note that these products are currently the only 3.5G mobile routers available which supports and offers 802.11n connection, whilst all other 3.5G mobile routers currently available in the market only offer 802.11g. The comparisons between the two forms of connection are of vast importance in understanding what makes AXIMCom's Mobile Router Series stand out amongst the competition. Offering six times the speed, and three times the range in signal strength, 802.11n is indeed the beginnings of a true 'mobile' internet service and connection. Providing a full and complete support of 3.5G/3.75G modems unlike most other mobile routers, there will be no need for fears of compatibility issues for users, and deployment of the mobile internet service for multiple users will be fast, and efficient. Further, with the existence of a signal strength display on the graphic user interface much like the signal strength display on your mobile phone, finding the best reception for the user's mobile internet based signal strength is available, and more importantly, easy and convenient. Another function and capability which sets apart AXIMCom's Mobile

Router Series products, is its unique and innovative feature known as Session Manager. This function allows for the system stability and durability which a lot of other brands and products find hard to achieve whilst dealing with heavy traffic. However, AXIMCom offers and guarantees a stable network for all of its products with min.7500 to max.20000 fast recycling sessions (session numbers vary between models). Furthermore, with the addition of the technology known as Universal Repeater within AXIMCom's products, a larger area of wireless coverage becomes available and no dead spots will be found, unlike the more standard WDS (Wireless Distribution System) still being widely offered. Therefore, efficiency, convenience, and effectiveness are once again enhanced and better provided when looking at AXIMCom's 3.5G/3.75G Mobile Router Series products.

Being the higher level products from the Mobile Router Series, AXIMCom's MR-108N and MR-216NV offers some extended functions and capabilities. Firstly, possessing the innovative technology known as iDBM (Intelligent Bandwidth Management), both these models guarantee good service quality for all applications and users, automatic bandwidth management, and optimal bandwidth utilization, thus making the two models especially suitable for a complicated network environment running heavy traffic. Further improvements offered is another unique function known as TurboNAT, which is 225% above the performance of traditional NAT being offered by other mobile router products, and MRTG Monitoring capabilities, which provides convenient and easy-to-use throughput and session monitoring for users.