Cybernet Debuts Medical Grade PC at HIMMS 2009 Conference 2009/05/18

Cybernet Manufacturing is pleased to announce the debut of its latest All-in-One PC, the iOne-MP171, at the 2009 HIMMS Conference in Chicago, IL. This impressive medical grade PC meets worldwide medical certifications, including UL60601-1 & EN60601-1, making it the perfect all-in-one PC for the Operating Room, Emergency Room, or a Medical Cart. Dustproof and waterproof, the iOne-MP171 has been IP65 certified, allowing for easy clean up without risk of damaging the computer. With an integrated touch screen and options for upgrading, this All-in-One PC will be a prime contender among the IT offerings this year.

Cybernet has been developing and manufacturing high-quality, space-saving PC products for more than a decade. Not content with being a one-trick pony, Cybernet is bringing its entire family of All-in-One PC products to the conference. For nursing stations, offices, and other non-critical healthcare requirements, Cybernet offers the Zero-Footprint-PC and the iOne-GX31 LCD PC. Each of these All-in-One PCs pack the processing horsepower required in an energy-saving and space-saving package. The iOne-GX31 LCD PC has the latest computing technology housed inside of a 17" or 19" LCD monitor. This All-in-One PC also features an optional touch screen for added convenience. The ZPC-GX31 is the latest in Cybernet's long line of ZPC products that are built within a keyboard.

The latest generation of ZPC includes support for Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad processors, allowing for the most advanced computing experience in a very small space.Aside from the latest in technology, all Cybernet All-in-One PCs come with reliable technical support. With a diverse online knowledge base to help troubleshoot any concerns dealing with our All-in-One families and technical support representatives who can be reached via online chat or by telephone, rest assured any questions or concerns regarding our products will be handled promptly, efficiently, and courteously.Cybernet invites our existing clients, as well as those looking to save space and energy, to come view our all-in-one PC line up. Located at Booth #2192, all products will be available for viewing and testing.

Product Overview

The Medical Grade iOne-MP171 with its impressive worldwide medical certifications including UL60601-1 & EN60601-1 is ideal for hospitals and healthcare facilities for both patients and practitioners. Whether you are planning to deploy new PCs in your OR, ER or a medical cart, the iOne-MP171 is ready to perform.

iOne-MP171 is IP65 certified making it dust and waterproof. Due to its IP65 certification, it can be sprayed and wiped down without the risk of damaging the computer.