Team Xtreem New DDR3 2000 overclocking module to debut at Computex Taipei 2008! 2008/06/09

Team Group Inc is a specialist manufacturer of memory modules, memory cards, USB disks and solid state disks. It became one of the frontrunners in the industry within a short time due to our excellent operations. Today, Team is a famous and powerful memory module supplier. At the upcoming Computex Taipei 2008, Team will announce the latest Team Xtreem New DDR3 2000 high-performance overclocking module in ahead of competitors. In addition product display, a dynamic product experience area is planned on 1F of the Nangang Exhibition Hall for visitors to experience the powerful function and benefits of the Team Xtreem Overclocking Series through participation in racing car and online games and interactive performance demonstration. A horizontal cooperation corner is also planned to show consumers and worldwide buyers Team’s multifaceted integration capacity through mutual recommendations with world-leading motherboard, notebook PC and game manufacturers.

Continuing the success of the Team Xtreem DDR3 1600/1866 modules, Team will announce the Team Xtreem New DDR3 2000 module to bring overclockers new sensation and the market a new specification of Xtreem DDR3 modules. From DDR3 1600/1866 to DDR3 2000, the clock speed has been increased by nearly 40%, i.e. the single-channel bandwidth has exceeded 15-17GB/Sec. Also, the CAS settings of the Team Xtreem New DDR3 2000 are 9-9-9-24 (tCL-tRCD-tRP-tRAS), matching with the clock speed of 2000MHz. As the full capacity of the Team Xtreem New DDR3 2000 is displayed at 2.1V-2.2V, the module is an example of Team’s excellent R&D capacity.

The 2GB Team Xtreem New DDR3 2000 is made with genuine BGA chips in a 128x8 configuration. Every module must pass the strictest dual-channel tests included in the well-laid process before shipping, in order to make this work of superb performance and reliability a reality. Each piece comes with a stylish black aluminum heat-sink carrying a special X-mark to present a different appearance to mark out superb performance of module.

In addition to the use of genuine chips, the Team-exclusive sorting technology is applied to maintain the ultra-high quality of chips. Also, the 24-hour run-in test is run on all modules with various mainstream overclocking motherboards from Asus, Gigabyte and Abit before shipping to ensure the best stability and performance of the Team Xtreem New DDR3 2000. Team also provides detailed overclocking recommendations and information of recommended platforms to let consumers build their projects with great ease. If you want to experience the superb speed and excellent stability of the Team Xtreem New DDR3 2000, welcome to join us at stalls J106-116 and J205-215, Zone J, Nangang Exhibition Hall of the Taipei World Trade Center during Computex Taipei 2008.

Team Xtreem New DDR3 2000 Specification

  • Suitable for Desktop PCs
  • Module SPEC 240Pin Unbuffered DIMM Non ECC
  • DRAM Type 128x8
  • Capacity 2 GB Kit (2x1GB)
  • Data transfer bandwidth 16,000MB/Sec (PC3 16000)
  • CL Value 9-9-9-24-2N
  • Working voltage 1.9V
  • PCB 8 layers PCB
  • Extra features Aluminum heat-sink
  • (4-6 cm fan can be set-up on heat spreader by user request - optional)
  • Warranty Lifetime warranty