AXIMCom launched P2P Gear PG-116N, 802.11n Dynamic Bandwidth Management Router 2008/05/21

AXIMCom Launched P2P Gear PG-116N, 802.11n Dynamic Bandwidth Management Router

A group sharing broadband often face unstable or even unavailable network due to bandwidth competition from various applications. Online gaming, VoIP, instant messaging and web surfing often lose out to P2P software (eMule, BT, Foxy, alike) which can hijack entire bandwidth resources. As more network applications (e.g. IPTV) emerge, the situation is going to be even worse.

PG-116N is designed to solve above issue. Enabled with the DBM Engine, Session Manager, Throughput Maximizer and 802.11n technologies, PG-116N can optimize bandwidth usage, maximize throughput and grant good service quality for all users/applications.

Special Features

Dynamic Bandwidth Management (Gaming, VoIP, P2P)

DBM Engine monitors bandwidth usage, prioritizes traffic and dynamically assigns bandwidth to applications based on their bandwidth needs. All users can share bandwidth running all applications (gaming, streaming, VoIP, web surfing, P2P, etc.) simultaneously! Optimal bandwidth utilization is also granted!

6x Download Sources with 17500 Fast Recycling Sessions

PG-116N accepts 17500 fast recycling sessions, whereas other residential routers can only handle 3000 sessions without fast recycling. With PG-116N, more users/applications are connected to internet and 6 times download throughput is realized. Furthermore, PG-116N grants an ultra-stable network connection to users!

Maximized Download and Upload Throughput

According to TCP/IP assumption, download throughput slows down when upload bandwidth is fully used. For example, in an ADSL line which has 8M/640Kbps (download/upload) bandwidth, when upload is fully occupied, download throughput is limited to 640Kbps. A great amount of bandwidth is wasted. With PG-116N, both download and upload throughput are optimized, users can enjoy the entire 8M download bandwidth.

Real-time MRTG Throughput and Session Monitoring

PG-116N provides 2 kinds of MRTG graphs: (1) Throughput MRTG and (2) Session MRTG. By selecting the time scale of 2 hours, 1 day, 1 week or 1 month, users can monitor bandwidth usage, including throughput numbers (upload/download) and session varieties (TCP/UDP/ICMP) in the selected period of time.

VNC KVM - Remote Desktop Management

Users can connect to the computers in the local network using the VNC KVM function. It is now possible to run remote desktop management from anywhere in the world.

Faster and Farther with 802.11n Technology

With 802.11n technology, PG-116N increases data throughput to 6 times (300Mbps) and wireless coverage to 300%, compared to 802.11g wireless network. Dead spots are eliminated. Users can enjoy faster and farther wireless connection.