Handy and Tough, New Flash Storage was Born: Team Introduces Three 1.8" SSDs - IDE, SATA and ZIF 2008/03/11


Founded in 1994, Team Group Inc. (Team Group) specializes in manufacturing memory modules, memory cards, USB disks and solid state disks. Team Group has grown rapidly within a short time due to its excellent operations. Today, it is a famous module supplier with powerful RD capacity.

Team Group Inc. introduces three new solid state disks (SSD) after the success of its 2.5" SSD. These new models include the IDE, SATA and ZIF models. Based on the excellent features of their 2.5" predecessor, these new models are just 5mm thick, making them the ideal storage solutions for slim and mini notebook PCs.

The Team 1.8" SSD ZIF Model is the industry-first in Taiwan using the IDE ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) 40-pin flat cable interface. With a reduced size of 5mm thick and weight of 30g, it is tailored for the new-generation mini notebook PCs. Though slim and lightweight, the Team 1.8" SSD ZIF has a high capacity of up to *32GB(exact capacity subject to announcement of Team Group) and uses the advanced power supply mode to reduce consumption when idled to extend the working time of notebook PCs. Therefore, it is suitable for users who need to travel a lot and work for a long time on a notebook PC.

As a leading memory product supplier, Team continues to introduce new products and technologies based on the organization's core concept: develop products with innovative values, and has thus earned innumerable credits. In order to extend its excellence into the flash storage era, Team introduces the industry-first 1.8" SSDs in addition to embarking on the R&D of the 2.5" SSD in ahead of competitors. Of the three models in the 1.8" range, including the IDE, SATA and ZIF, the ZIF is the first successful model being mass-produced in Taiwan. This has indicated the technological mastery of Team has entered a higher state. The 1.8" range is offered in 4G, 8G, 16G, 20G and *32G (exact capacity subject to announcement of Team Group) options to meet the different needs of consumers based on their applications.

The IDE and ZIF models of Team's 1.8" SSDs use the IDE interface, which supports ATA-5 Ultra DMA data, transfer and is backward compatible with PIO mode 4. They are equipped with 4-bit ECC error-correction to ensure data storage for 10 years. The SATA model in the range uses the SATA I interface which supports ATA-5 Ultra DMA data transfer. When compared with the IDE interface, SATA is equipped with high-speed transfer advantage and also with backward compatibility with PIO mode 4. In fact, all models in Team's 1.8" SSDs allow users to experience the sense of superb speed and maintain a balance between speed and data safety in order to grasp the new power of visionary storage.


Model S18Z01
Interface IDE ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) Model 40-pin
Capacity 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and *32G
(exact capacity subject to announcement of Team Group)
Data transfer speed Read-Up to 27MB/Sec, Write-Up to 24MB/Sec
Power supply DC +3.3V± 7% / +5.0V± 7%
Power consumption Read: 98mA
Write: 108mA
Dimensions 71.05*54.05*5mm