Team Group announces ahead of overclocking DRAM module - Team Xtreem DDR3 2133 2008/03/04


After initiating the topic of the Xtreem DDR3 2000 memory module, at Computex 2007, the Team Group will continue to announce its overclocking module Team Xtreem DDR3 2133 with superb performance at CES and CeBIT. In addition to bringing players superb performance, this has put the Team Group ahead of competitors in the area of DDR3 modules.

From DDR3-1600 to DDR3-2133, the clock speed has increased by nearly 33%, boosting the single channel bandwidth to 17G/sec. As well, the combination of CLS at 10-10-10-30 (tCL-tRCD-tRP-tRAS) with 2133MHz clock speed run at only 2.1-2.2V can fully display the RD capacity of the Team Group. Also, besides using genuine chips from original manufacturers, all chips that are used on the Team Xtreem DDR3 2133 have been selected with the exclusive sorting technology developed by the Team Group to ensure chip quality. Lastly, every module has gone through the 24-hour burn-in test using the most popular motherboards from Asus, Gigabyte and Abit to ensure that all Team Xtreem DDR 3 2133 modules work stably in application. More importantly, the Team Group provides detailed technical information for overclocking and recommended motherboards and parts for the Team Xtreem DDR3 2133 on its official website to let players get started with great ease.