A-DATA info SD Memory Card 2007/07/30

Product Name:  info SD

Won the "Best of Innovations" Award of CES 2007

A-DATA "info SD" has won the 2007 CES Best of Innovations Award in the Computer Accessories category. The info SD flash card is also the only product in that category to win the Best of Innovations from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). Being recognized with the premier design awards at CES reflects A-DATA's commitment to delivering the best designed products in the market.

A-DATA's info SD flash card is the world's first SecureDigital™ (SD) flash card that utilizes bi-stable display technology, allowing the independent display of the available space on the card at any time without additional power. It is capable of showing 2 characters for name and 4 digits for free capacity via auto-calculation. It utilizes the bi-stable technology, allowing all users, computer-savvy or not, to know the remaining capacity of the memory card whenever they want, to enrich user's digital life!


  • SD with EPD to show its availability capacity
  • Bi-stable EPD without embedded battery
  • Support the interface of the Secure Digital Card Standard
  • Support Error Correcting Code (ECC) function to detect and correct errors
  • Support In System Programming (ISP) function to load the firmware
  • Support Wear Leverage function to maximize data endurance