A-DATA Mini Cube 1" USB HDD 2007/07/18

Product Name:  Mini Cube

A Pocket Hard Drive with a 1-inch Drive and Huge (12GB) Data Storage Capacity that Makes it Easy to Carry Important Documents Around With You!

A-DATA first micro hard drive. With a total length of less than 5cm, this pocket USB hard drive has been designed to be both small and lightweight, making it easy and convenient to carry large amounts of data around with you when you are traveling. The clever 180-degree revolving USB connector design ensures that this micro drive takes up very little space.

Carry Personal Photos, Music and Work Documents Around With You Wherever You Want!
With its 12GB storage capacity, carrying the A-DATA micro hard drive with you is almost like having your own mobile database, enabling you to access or back-up important data whenever and wherever you need it. A-DATA's new micro hard drive offers a wide range of functions; The drive also incorporates back-up software with a simple user interface; just one click is all it takes to perform data back-up or file synchronization. The software also provides scheduled automatic backup function. The A-DATA micro hard drive adds extra convenience and flexibility to your mobile lifestyle!


  • Support USB Specification Version 2.0
  • Mini Size : 44.5x49.5x12 mm(LxWxH)
  • One-touch-button for Synchronized Backup
  • Scheduled Automatic Backup Function
  • Plug & Play Feature
  • 180° Rotation on USB Connector
  • LED Display
  • Desktop or Laptop with USB Port
  • Windows® 98SE/ME/2000/XP or Later Versions (driver needed for Windows® 98SE), Mac® OS 9.X or Later Versions, Linux™ : Kernel 2.4or Later Versions

Note : Synchronized Backup Software Only Works under Windows® OS