A-Data's FOOTBALL DISK Rocks the World 2006/05/26

A Sport to String Emotions Together Globally
Are you ready for the 2006 FIFA World Cup with A-DATA together!

A-DATA introduces the latest USB Flash disc of football modeling- A-DATA 『Football Disk』, which is Most suitable for you whose fully surged and have passion in football.

A-DATA 『Football Disk』, is the rubber material of the original creation, is an one unity to takes shape and no seem. Extend to "waterproof", "shockproof" and "wear-resisting" of design; let you have the best protection under environment of "rival ring". The transmission speed of USB 2.0 let you directly get the score in the penalty area. And it has especially upgrade the specification , can support the NAND type of cache memory, and has capacity space to up to 4GB, let you feel convenient in storing and withdrawing a large data files, and improve the puzzlement in insufficient capacity.

A-DATA 『Football Disk』, can support USB 2.0, The transmission speed up to 120 times of High speed cache memory. It includes 2 cache flash chips, which made transmission speed of the A-DATA 『Football Disk』has generally 2 times faster than other products on the market. A-data 『Football Disk』has full compatibility with PC and driver free.

The Limit Edition of 2006 also on shift now--Equipped with two flash chips providing 120X transmission speed, the "Football Disk" keeps up with my head racing at the speed of light. A sport is an attitude, a competition.

Limit Edition of 2006