New Innovation for DAB Radio World!- Mtech Introduces DUD-M1 2006/05/17

Our USB digital receiver DUD-M1 is a new innovative product designed to work with PC/Notebook followed Eureka-147 specification and allows end users to enjoy the benefits of crystal clear and interference – free sound quality of digital radio and also receive multiple Radio Data Services. Bundled with DAB mate M-1 software, DUD-M1 enables you to preset and to record your favorite stations and display various audio program information on PC, such as song titles, artist names, news, sports, results and more offer by DAB service.

Product Specifications

Hardware specification for DUD M-1: 

1. Windows OS - XP SP2

2. System CPU level - Intel P4 1.2 GHz & above Intel Celeron 1.7GHz and Above AMD Sempron K8 and Above

3. USB interface - USB 2.0

4. RF connector type - SMA

5. Transmission mode - I, II, III, IV

6. Sub Channel decoding - 3, simultaneously

7. Audio Decoding - 4 modes

8. Decoding capacity - 384k bit/sec

9. Power supplied by - USB port 4.5-5.5V


Software feature for DAB mate M-1

1. Auto/Manual scan the available stations.

2. Preset the favorite stations.

3. Record the radio content simultaneously.

4. Signal Strength indicator & volume control scroll wheel.

5. One button mute/record function.

6. Full DAB information display screen.

Low budget for product - enjoy CD quality excitement and radio information DLS (Dynamic Label Segment)